pottery sink ensemble price

$2,950 FOB Goshen, IN USA (updated 11 - 04)
"Spring Morning Basin"

This price includes a unique stoneware pedestal, sink basin, water control, stoneware tile splash with sunrise motif, and mirror with stoneware frame.  Sink includes built in overflow. Your home can be the home of this sink. This is only sink ensemble in the world with this design. The copyright is the property of the artist.

Our home has four sinks made of the same materials fired to the same termperatures - 2,350 degrees F. Our sinks and the glazes remain in perfect original condition after over 30 years of daily use. -mb

Prices subject to change. Please contact me to confirm that this piece is still available at this price. Other pieces can be made to fit your unique needs. Styles can be personalized for only you.

Packing, shipping, and installation is at cost.  Contact me for pricing to your location.

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