The Way Pots Pour   A video by Marvin Bartel 
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55 minutes VHS video.  $35
Directed by Brett Sherman 
Part I: Tea Pots 
Part II: Pitchers


We have all used pitchers that pour unpredictably or dribble down the front when you stop pouring. This video addresses many of the most common 
pouring form design issues. 

Learn the secrets of spouts and pouring lips that work well every time.  In this video Marvin Bartel demonstrates and narrates the design and fabrication of several pieces followed by some surprising and at times unexpected and humorous outcomes.

Potter, Bartel, and physicist, Carl Helrich, explain the hydraulics and fluid dynamics of functional spouts, pouring lips, and their related forms.  Director, Brett Sherman, does the camera work, video editing, production, and provides the original music. 


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