The price for "Daisy Basin 3" by Marvin Bartel is $800 at Goshen IN as of July, 2001. 
Size: 22 inches diameter.  33 inches high.

The price includes stoneware pedestal and sink basin.  This is a simple basin with a standard drain hole.  It does not have an overflow provision.  Faucet, drain, and installation is not included in the price.  Typically, this sink would be installed next to a wall faucet.  Matching tile can be made for the wall.  This is a unique piece, but is was made as part of a series of three.  The first two are no longer available.

Please e-mail to confirm that this piece is still available and to get your questions answered.  If you are seriously interested and not near Goshen, IN, I can send you additional detail photos.

Packing, shipping, and installation is at cost.  E-mail for pricing to your location.

Back to the picture page         See a similar sink here with wall faucet, but different pedestal.

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fax: Marvin Bartel at 219-535-7660