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TEAMWORK RUBRIC        This form Marvin Bartel, 2010, GOSHEN COLLEGE

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TITLE OF THE ASSIGNMENT OR TEAM PROJECT   _________________________


Directions for students: Give the names of all the others on your team here.


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Teams work well when members bring all kinds of contributions. For each attribute below, name the person(s) that were best contributors.  You may use initials or just first names so long as there are no duplicates on your team.  You may list one or two persons for each item below. You may use each name as often as you wish.

1.  Prepares well & brings outside resources? _____________

2.  Who made the most creative suggestions and ideas? _______________

3.    Who was a good questioner? __________________

4.    Who encouraged others to join in with ideas and questions? __________________

5.    Who was a careful and positive listener? ________

6.  Who was positive, encouraging, and affirming? __________________

7.   Who was best at explaining things? ___________________

8.  Who has the ability to summarize and clarify? ___________

9.  Who brought enthusiasm, energy, and passion? ________________

10. Other (please explain) _______________


11. Who did anything else that you want to mention?
NO ___ or YES ___   If yes, please explain.

12. Which one or two from your team would you most like to have on your team next time? ____________________

13. Why would you want this person on your team again?

14. If you were the teacher, why would you use teamwork next time for this kind of assignment or project?  Or, explain why you would not use teamwork next time? 

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