A Revolutionary Kiln Design

Using waste heat from flue gases to preheat the combustion air
more heat with less fuel
reduce your fuel bill ----
by Marvin Bartel

Read a complete description of the kilns. Then decide if you want to order plans, images, with the Buy Now button below. This order page posted on October 4, 2011.


If you order this stuff by clicking on the BUY NOW button, you will have access to my Dropbox folder.

You can get this folder of files for $20 USD. You may print copies of anything in the folder for your information, but you do not have the right to publish or post anything without permission from me. Teachers may use the images and plans in class presentations to their own students. --Marvin Bartel.

The folder full of stuff will become available as soon as I get a chance to check my e-mail and authorize it. I generally do this in a half day or less, but occasionally it may be a bit longer. CONTACT me directly with questions and suggestions.

Contents of the Dropbox Folder
that you get for $20

A series of photos of energy efficient kilns being built

More than a dozen "as built" kiln plan drawings
for three different kilns

A copy of my Powerpoint presentation at NCECA,
2009, Phoenix, AZ, USA, showing the history of this project
and my ideas for my next kiln.

IMPORTANT Note: This is not an instruction book.
It is not a manual on how to build a kiln. If you have not built a kiln before, you also need some good kiln building books or an experienced kiln builder to work with you.

BY POPULAR DEMAND, this is simply a digital package of copies of plans I used to build my kilns and photos taken. I am selling copies of these old plans and photos in response to frequent requests for more information on these kilns because they cut down on energy waste.

The first kiln I built with this technology uses 50 mullite tubes that cross the chimney to harvest waste heat. The first kiln was built in 1975. As I write this in 2011, I am still using this kiln for all my stoneware glaze firings.

In 1977 we built one at Goshen College. It was used to fire all the student production for about 30 years.

In 1985 we built one at James Madison University. It was still functioning after 15 years, but since then the instructors have changed and I have not been able to learn what happened to the kiln.

After the energy shortages and fuel price increases in the 1970s, I conceptualized, invented, and patented this pottery kiln to use heat that is orinarily wasted by the flue. The original patent 4139340 is expired. You can see it by doing a Google Patent Search. If you are planning to build or manufacture a kiln based on gas, wood, oil, hydrogen, sawdust, pellet fuel, or any other combustible fuel, you are likely to find useful ideas by ordering this collection of drawings and photographs. Read a complete description of the kilns.


Unloading the gas kiln, at my Goshen, Indiana, USA, studio, on September, 2011. It was built in 1975 to save energy. One of the two larger pieces here was selected for the Midwest Museum of American Art, Annual Regional Juried Exhibition opening on October 7, 2011.Yes, the holes are tubes that go all the way through the pots. They are a bit like the heat exchanger tubes that pass through the kiln chimney. The kiln chimney spreads across the back side of the kiln and has not two, but 50 ceramic tubes in it to preheat the combustion air.

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